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David L Cooper(non-registered)
I love your work!!!!
Christian Buehler(non-registered)
Incredible! An amazing collection of well produced art. The variety enables an opportunity for everyone to appreciate Mr. Anderson's creativity!
Sharon Ross(non-registered)
Was great to meet you at the gallery last Saturday and see some of your work! Very impressed with your ability to see the beauty in everyday life. Look forward to seeing more!
Brother, you so rock! Truly - I can never get enough of your work.
Stopped bye the Littleton History Museum Friday, noticed that wan 1st for B/W. Bravo! Loved the shot.
Just saw the book you were published. It does not do justice to your work though. Most of the images look rather flat and lifeless. Nothing like what they look like in person. But congrats anyway!
Simply amazing! Wow! Congrats!
David Cooper(non-registered)
Dave - You do a very nice job with your photography work. I particularly like the old cars and bldgs. Also, congrats on your 1st place-color photo in the Eye of the Camera exhibit.
Wonderful photos, loved the cars!
Debra Liggett(non-registered)
These are really wonderful! I'd love to know about your work.
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