My name is David Anderson. Welcome to my part of the World Wide Web.

I’ve been involved with artistic things for most of my life. Painting, stained glass, performing arts and photography. All of which give me inspiration. I’m also influenced by painters of the American west such as Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt. That being said, I am still awed by some very talented fellow photographer’s.

Right Eye Artistry has been a long time in the works, and it continues to evolve. I wanted a place that I could showcase my work and Zenfolio was a good fit for me.  

For quality control purposes, all orders for prints should be made by email. All costs are for the size requested, shipping and type of material. Prints can be printed on metal, paper and canvas.

The Gates and 90 + Degrees photo's for instance can be printed up to 6 feet wide.

Original photo shot by Mindy McGregor and processed by Dvande1.

The Limited Editions gallery has been added and will allow you to purchase a numbered, signed edition 36" x 24" canvas prints. Limited run of 250 only. Standard prints are also available
Please contact me for further information.

Home on the Range gallery has been added as well. This gallery will show B&W images that will appear in my first publication titled "Home on the Range", Lost dreams upon the prairies.

All works created and or processed by DVANDE1 for RIGHT EYE ARTISTRY.


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Music by John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana fro the cd "The Healer"

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